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equipped with

3D air flow with smart cooling and heating technology

okyotech mini split air conditioner offers 3D air flow with smart cooling and heating technology;cooling runs from the top towards the bottom and heating runs from the bottom towards the top.This feature of the okyotech will provide the fastest and most efficient  cooling and heating process.




whisper quiet operation

both indoor and outdoor unit are designed with consummate operating mechanism such as insulation blanket for the compressor and low-noise motor to minimize the noise and allow you to enjoy the cooled air or warmed up the living space despite of what temperature is outside.

auto re-start

if it's turned off or in case of accidental power cut, okyotech air conditiner is able to retain and restore the temperature and the all other settings until it's turned back on or the power supply is resumed.

ozone friendly chlorine-free green refrigerant technology

R410a can protect the ozone layer which is more environment fiendly and energy saving, opening a new era of green environment protection. Adopting the "Green" idea, okyotech deploys R410a to cause least harm to the environment.

10 hours operation

okyotech has the feature of automatic power-off after operating of 10 hours so as to save the energy and protect the environment.




timer mode

okyotech is equipped with 24h/12h timing on/off feature.You can program your okyotech air conditioner unit to when you want it to start and end.the operation.

LED technology

okyotech has the most user friendly LED design in the market.

cord response

with the cord music as on/off response sounds.

auto protection

With the auto protection feature, error will be detected by PCB and displayed by LED on the indoor unit. The protection will then be taken automaticly.

independent de-humidification

independent de-humidification feature of the okyotech will keep your clother dry eventhough weather gets so humid thus keep you from worries.

extra low noise

okyotech offers the quitest indoor pump that provides the lowest possible noise level which can be reduced down to 20 db during the sleep mode.



global power supply design

okyotech can meet the different types of international electrical requirements.

anti-cold air 

fan speed is controlled according to the evaporater temperature when the unit is in the heating mode and only when evaporater temperature is warm enough the cross fun begins to run in order to prevent cold air blasting.

   0.1 C'

+/- 0.1 degree homeothermal and comfortable


temperature will be accurately controlled by the deviation of 0.1 degree.

180 C'

 180 C' sine wave inverter technology

with 180 C' sine wave DC inverter technology, okyotech enhances its adabtability and stability at the time reduce the power consumption and make the cooling and heating more accurate.It's available on some of the okyotech mini split air conditioner products.

18 SEER seasonal energy efficiency rating

okyotech offers 18 SEER energy efficiency which is the most efficient balance of the power consumption and the reliability.


digital wireless remote controller 

okyotech offers this ergonomic infrared remote controller built in clock.You will also be able to switch the temperature display between Centigrade to Fahrenheit if you wish.


quick and easy installation and maintenance

okyotech mini split system is so quick and simple to install requiring minimum time and effort. The light and compact outdoor unit can be easily installed under the patio or on a balcony or on the wall.


5 year warranty for the compressor and 3 year for the unit

okyotech offers 5 year warranty for the Toshiba Compressor and 3 year for the entire unit without any additional cost. Simply register your product and validate the warranty following your purchase.










interchangeable temperature display

The temperature display on the okyotech indoor panel can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celcius on your remote controller.







free shipping 

okyotech offers free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Customers with shipping address in Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico, please contact us.

6 months return policy

okyotech offers 6 months return for every product you purchased.You will have 6 month to return the product if you wish.You can purchase okyotech product with the peace of mind.

           *** PayPal account is not required in order to purchase through PayPal

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